What is ERCC?

The Electric Reliability Coordinating Council is a broad-based coalition of energy companies committed to the continued viability of diverse, affordable and reliable electric power supply in the United States. Our members include some of the major electric utilities companies in the country who all possess the shared belief that coal-based energy should play an important role as our nation moves toward a clean energy future. We believe that this transition must be done in an economically responsible way that will protect high paying jobs and decrease the risk of another recession.

Our Mission

ERCC's chief mission is to provide consumers across the United States with access to reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible power.

ERCC seeks to bring key industry players together to examine the impact of new regulations on consumers, industry and manufacturers, with attention paid to the impact on industrial employment, increased electricity costs, and reliability.

ERCC aims to work with the Federal and state governments to develop sensible regulations that have significant environmental benefits, while promoting jobs and ensuring a continuation of reliable and affordable power.

ERCC's members endeavor to continue to reduce emissions, while increasing capacity to meet the growing needs of the United States.