ERCC's Scott Segal Writes Piece for US News and World Report's Debate Club

August 5, 2015

ERCC's Scott Segal Says Clean Power Plan is "Lots of Pain with Questionable Benefits" in US News and World Report's Debate Club.  He writes: 

With great fanfare on August 3, President Barack Obama announced an ambitious set of rules called the Clean Power Plan, designed to regulate carbon emissions from new and existing power plants. The president called it a first-ever approach. I agree that it's totally unprecedented. But for good reason.

As states are beginning to do the obscure analysis needed to figure out how their burdens were calculated, many are understandably frustrated. Despite the Environmental Protection Agency's claim to have listened to comments, these states still were mistreated by the bureaucrats. Given that the rule represents an unprecedented intrusion on the usual role of the states, what Harvard's famed Constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe called "a total overhaul of each State's way of life," we can expect years of litigation with aggrieved states leading the way.

Read the full piece: Big Pain, Small Benefits.